Complementary Consultation

I welcome you to contact me about the possibility of working together. Please email me to arrange for a call (up to 15 minutes). I welcome you to email me (mary@dancinginthe or text 416-686-8682

Professional Fees

Therapy fee for individuals: 50 minutes costs $115 + HST

Therapy fee for couples: 90 minutes costs $175 + HST

Psychotherapy as an Investment

Therapy - the most important thing you may ever do

Your future is based on your current day habits and choices. Psychotherapy is an investment that helps you evolve in ways that enrich the quality of your life. The more you commit to the process of personal growth, the more you will develop your ability to handle challenging situations. The skills, insights and habits you gain from working with me will likely transfer beyond your present situation to other important realms of your life. Imagine navigating personal and professional situations with more confidence and finesse. Imagine finding yourself in stressful situations and feeling calm and capable of navigating your emotions and the emotions of others around you.

Is Psychotherapy Covered by Health Insurance?

Psychotherapy is often covered by extended health insurance in Ontario, but not by OHIP unless it’s with a medical doctor or psychiatrist. If you are hoping to use health insurance benefits to cover therapy services, it’s best to call your provider to discuss policy details. You might want to review the types of therapists covered – registered psychotherapists, psychologists or social workers – your annual coverage, renewal dates, session fee caps and whether a doctor’s referral is required etc.