Relationships really matter – more than anything in life.

Relationships greatly determine our quality of life. Close, fulfilling relationships positively impact our well-being and the extent to which we thrive. Relational moments and our feelings about them give meaning to our lives.

Whether with romantic partners, friends, family, co-workers or pets – relationships are central to our lives. They provide us with companionship, support, self-esteem and a sense of belonging. They significantly influence who we are, the decisions we make, how we think, feel and act. We are wired to connect – to be seen, heard, understood, known, valued, respected and loved, and to offer the same in return. When relational challenges inevitably arise, we wonder how to re-connect, soothe our suffering and move forward. Therapy for relationship issues can help.

Therapy for relationship issues can help you to explore difficult interactions and gain the relational and communication skills needed for change. Despite our best efforts, our relationships become challenging. We discover that caring for the bonds we depend on is a complex art.

Our interactions reveal that love is about more than shared values, interests and experiences. Love is also very much about how we handle issues – within each of us, between us and external to us. Would you like to explore ways to make the most of your life and relationships? Or to communicate in ways that invite understanding, appreciation and intimacy?

Affair Recovery

Has Your Life Been Turned Upside Down By An Affair? An Affair Doesn’t Have to Mean The End of Your Relationship.

The crushing revelation of your partner’s affair puts your mind and body into shock. Your view of yourself and the world you live in may be ripped apart. The self assurance and security you felt in the past may feel naive and false. Remember that the greatest threat to recovery is the loss of hope itself. With couples counselling there is hope…

The crisis of infidelity can be the wake up call to what is seriously wrong in your relationship.

You may find that you cannot bear the pain of facing your partner to repair the damage caused by the affair. However, if you are willing to work at repairing the relationship through couples counselling, this can be the beginning of healing your relationship at its core. The crisis of an affair is an invitation to try again. It is an invitation to make your relationship stronger than it ever was. Marriage or couples counselling is a tool that can help you through affair recovery.

The Benefits of Couples Counselling After an Affair

  • Discover what the “normal” emotional reactions to the trauma of discovery of an affair are
  • Get perspective; understand why and how the affair happened
  • Take responsibility for the pain caused by your unfaithfulness
  • Figure out whether to stay together
  • Forgive yourselves and each other
  • Rebuild trust
  • Recreate a new level of intimacy

Should I Stay or Should I Leave?

Are you wondering, “Should I stay or leave this relationship?” Are you uncertain about bringing your partner to couples therapy? When you feel alone and frustrated after a disagreement, a sense of hopelessness can become overwhelming.

The decision to stay or leave is far too important to make alone. The decision to end a marriage or a long-term relationship is a very difficult and complicated decision to make. This is especially true when you have children.

An objective professional who has seen many couples struggle and knows what problems can be resolved and those that cannot, can help you sort out your feelings and make a wise decision.

Ambivalence about your relationship goes hand in hand with distance from your partner. When you spend time and energy weighing the pros and cons of staying in your relationship, you will stay stuck ‘on the fence’ while the emotional distance keeps growing and your relationship will suffer.

Your own personal therapy, without your partner, may help you figure out whether or not to try to save your relationship and if so, how.

Rebuilding after a Break up

Have you already left the relationship and you want to rebuild your life now?

Making the transition to being single after a long-term committed relationship or marriage is very difficult. You may be feeling wounded. Your self-esteem may be low. You might feel lots of doubts and be critical of yourself and others. Your mood may swing from anger to fear to sadness when you are reminded of your ended relationship. You may run into someone, hear a song, a special day of the year are a few reminders that can bring you down.

A relationship break-up can impact self-esteem and evoke painful questions about where we went wrong or fell short. Whether you initiated a break up or have been impacted by one, you may be grappling with heartbreak, grief, loneliness, shame and exhaustion. Therapy and recovery from a relationship break-up usually involves reflection, plans for self-care, finding closure, rebuilding confidence, and exploring options for navigating differently in the future. As a therapist, I try to attune to clients’ feelings, concerns and needs, as well as offer much needed empathy. I provide the necessary support to help you to recover and reorient your life to gain firm ground and re-envision your future.